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The Answers You Were Looking For!

Q: Who will be my DJ/Entertainer?

A: The owner of Encore Entertainment EC, Nathan R. Bronstad, is the DJ for EVERY event. There is no need to worry about having someone you have never met or talked to before providing entertainment services! Nathan will be serving your event needs from your first contact to the last dance of the evening!

Q: How do I secure entertainment services from Encore Entertainment EC?

A: That's easy. Just submit a Request and I'll contact you as soon as possible! If I am free for your event, I will send you a contract and begin reserving your date!

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Absolutely. I know accidents can happen at any time, that's why I don't take any chances. You can rest assured knowing that I have full insurance coverage for all events. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, it's there!

Q: Where do you typically provide entertainment services?

A: Encore Entertainment EC is based out of Eau Claire, WI. I typically provide entertainment services in-and-around the Chippewa Valley. If your event happens to fall outside of here, please direct your attention to the next FAQ!

Q: Do you travel?

Yes! Of course, travel is expensive these days. To cover the expense of fuel, hotel stays and other associated travel costs, I do have a mileage fee for travel outside the usual service area. If you're planning an event outside the area, please contact me to find out more about my travel fees.

Q: What do you wear at events?

A: I dress appropriately for every show. For weddings I wear a suit and tie.  For outdoor and casual events, I wear weather-appropriate, yet tidy, clothing.

Q: Am I allowed to pick my own music?

A: Of course, after all, it's YOUR event! I encourage you to make as many selections as you'd like! I send out music request forms with your planning forms. If there are songs that you'd rather not hear, just let me know and I'll steer clear!

Q: Do you take music requests at events?

A: Always, unless you would rather me not! Just like I take requests from you, I encourage your guests to make requests too. I'm there to entertain both you AND your guests.

Q: Do you meet with your clients prior to the event?

A: Yes, in fact, I encourage meeting face-to-face if possible.  Most people want to know who is going to be in charge of entertainment for their event. A meeting allows us a chance to get to know one another before the big day. It also gives clients a chance to ask questions and finalize the details of their event.

Q: What is your plan if something were to happen to you?

A: I have made arrangements with several DJ companies who will step in and perform for me if they are available in the unlikely event that I am unable to. I promise to do my best to ensure your event is uninterrupted.

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